In FLOURISH by Kelvin

Welcome to 2016

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring. We wait in excited expectation for all the wonderful stories and reports that will come forth from all the courses that are run this year as well as seeing just how far our reach will extend.

Already, with less than one month into this New Year, FLOURISH has or is being run in several places throughout Asia and we believe it’s simply because when a program like FLOURISH grabs the heart of a facilitator or participant, news spreads fast of it’s effectiveness to change and empower lives, and before you know it, we have a waiting list a mile long of those who are eager to be trained or journey the course.

As we know: FLOURISH was founded on the belief that each girl or woman of any culture has been born to thrive and have the opportunity to fulfil their life’s purpose and dreams regardless of their background, heritage or situation.



Debbie (Singapore Flourish Coordinator) writes: ‘Julia Hope, a young woman ready to graduate from college and live her life in a way that would help others, wrote this note to her aunt (Debbie), just months before finding out that an aggressive and unstoppable cancer was forming in her body. Julia courageously fought the battle against cancer, but lost this struggle six months after it began. But, the impression of her vibrant and inspirational heartbeat to care for others is still very much alive. In fact, her life’s vision is the motivation and encouragement for Julia’s Hope. Through the FLOURISH curriculum, Julia’s Hope envisions women and girls encouraged to thrive and flourish.’ See Julia’s letter to her aunt here.


New Places

Let’s Celebrate 79
This is the number of our International Facilitators. We are growing and expanding! YAY!
Our latest facilitators to join us are based in the north of Vietnam. We look forward to hearing from them as they run FLOURISH themselves with the many women and girls in their world


New Ideas

Participants becoming Trainers
We have had several existing Facilitators ask us whether their participants need to go through the whole 9 weeks training again if they show an interest in become facilitators themselves. Our answer is, NO THEY DON’T.

If participants have a desire to become facilitators, they are required to just do a one day TTT (Train the Trainer) Day.

Before they do the ‘one day’ training, have them read through the Flourish Facilitator Guide pages 2- 30 so they are familiar with some of what will be required as a Facilitator and the way Flourish is run.

The TTT Day will be run as follows:
Briefly go over the 9 sessions covered in participant course to make sure the new facilitators understand each session, as each session builds upon the next.

Do Session 10 with them
Go through licensing agreement and responsibilities of a Facilitator
Have the new Facilitator sign the Facilitator Licence. Send one copy to us, you the trainer keep one and the new Facilitator keep one. We require a scanned emailed copy only.

Upcoming Training

Where: AOGWR Ministry & Operations Centre, Da Nang, Vietnam
When: Tuesday 16 – Friday 19 February, 2016
Cost: US 50 which includes Course material, licensing and refreshments
If you have anyone interested in coming we will need to know this week

Flourish Team

We the Flourish Management team are here for you so feel free to contact us anytime
Flourish email address: flourish@aogwr.org
Closed Flourish Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1464136667217751/
(if you are not on our Flourish Facebook page but wish to, please let us know)

NOTE: All stories and photos are used with permission