Flourish Focus

Survive or Thrive: It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it.


  • I am designed with emotions and am capable of a broad range of feelings. 
  • It is important for me to understand what emotions are and how they affect me – be it actions, attitudes, thoughts, or behaviors. 
  • When I deny or suppress my feelings, I can cause harm, therefore I should find healthy ways to express what I am feeling. 
  • Using my Emotional Intelligence will help me be aware of and manage my emotions well. 
  • In times of conflict, I can choose to forgive and make the decision to respond rather react.


This session will help you know that we are emotional beings and capable of a range of feelings. You can choose to how these emotions affect you and in times of conflict, can either work for or against you, dependent on whether you respond or react.