Flourish Focus

It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it.


  • We are emotional beings and we are capable of feeling many different emotions
  • The importance of understanding what emotions are and how valuable they are in showing us what is going on inside of us
  • Denying or suppressing your feelings will actually cause you harm and we need to find healthy ways to express our emotions
  • Each of us has an inbuilt level of Emotional Intelligence that when harnessed can empower you to FLOURISH
  • The significance in understanding the concept of forgiveness and exercising it in our lives
  • There is conflict in our lives but we can either react or respond to our situation and thereby define the life we have and the impact we have on others


Session four’s main focus is on the importance of building emotional intelligence. Learning to respond to a situation rather than react and understanding that there are consequences to the choices we make. Another key focus covered in this session is the significance of cultivating forgiveness. Choosing to forgive brings personal benefits such as peace of mind and freedom from the bondage of the pain suffered.