Flourish Focus

Train The Trainer: Becoming a FLOURISH Facilitator


  • I am an influencer. 
  • I can make the world a better place as I help girls or women live FLOURISHING lives. 
  • I, along with my team, are more than capable of bringing great impact in our sphere of influence. 
  • We, the FLOURISH Team, are your supporters and we are cheering you on as you take this message out to your world. 
  • Together, we can help girls or women to recognise their incredible value, decide what defines them, and live radiant lives.


This final session is exclusively for those wanting to become facilitators of the FLOURISH Journey, either the Participant Course or Train The Trainer (TTT). This session will help you know that you and your team are influencers and can make the world a better place as you help girls or women live flourishing lives. This session covers the why and how of facilitating a FLOURISH Journey, along with the practical resources you need to help you and your team.