Teach a young man in the way he should go and he will follow the right course throughout his life


  • We are made for more than just ourselves
  • Each of us has been given the awesome responsibility of making the world a better place by helping others live courageous lives rather than just trying to survive
  • Together, we can help boys/men in our spheres of influence recognise their incredible value, decide what defines them, and live Courageous lives
  • You and your team are more than capable of impacting your sphere of influence for the better and helping others reach STRONG & COURAGEOUS lives
  • We, the COURAGEOUS Team, are your support team, corner men and we are cheering you on as you take this message out to your world


Train The Trainer session is a session for leaders and those want to become facilitators of COURAGEOUS. It walks through the various requirements of the course and what is needed for facilitator to run a successful course. This session is essential for anyone wanting to be a COURAGEOUS Facilitator.