Flourish Focus

Standing Strong: Living With Strength & Wisdom 


  • I am a girl/woman of profound significance and worth. 
  • By celebrating who I am, I can stand strong in the face of adversity. 
  • I can be a girl/woman of strength by choosing not to allow the hardships of life to define who I become. 
  • I am strengthened by the lessons learnt on my journey. 
  • I understand the importance of living in the strength of my girl/womanhood and using my unique gifts and talents to build both myself and others up.


This session will help you know that you have been gifted with many strengths and talents. Despite the challenges of life, you can stand strong. There is wisdom in living out of these strengths – they can help us celebrate who we are, motivate us to look to the future with joy and expectation, and even encourage others to do the same.