FLOURISH was founded on the belief that each girl or woman of any culture has been born to thrive and have the opportunity to fulfil their life’s purpose and dreams regardless of their background, heritage, or situation.

Throughout life, the role of a girl or woman takes on many forms. She will have great influence as she negotiates each of these roles: be it that of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, labourer or businesswoman.

Through the journey of FLOURISH, women will discover the true essence of who they are and who they can become. Each session contains valuable core concepts, that when embraced, will build confidence and inner strength to make healthy decisions that will in turn see them thrive in each area of their life.

When they discover this, they will not only begin to move towards their own destiny, but in turn empower others to do the same.

This program is easily adaptable for girls and women of all ages living in many diverse settings throughout a variety of different cultures and nations. The message of FLOURISH can translate and impact those in a city location just as readily as those living in a remote rural village environment.

Through practical application, girls and women will explore the many facets of the life that they live each day. By discovering their true inner beauty, learning to walk confidently on their own destined path in a healthy decisive way, they will discover that their personal life story can be a positive one. This will in turn give them a platform to map out their future plans and goals with confidence knowing that they can define the future they want to have. This revelation encourages the girls and women to look outside of themselves to the world around them and harness the influence they already have to help others experience the same for themselves.