Keystone International Inc.
Unit 3/2 Bonarius Street, Warners Bay, NSW 2282 AUSTRALIA (hereinafter referred to as Licensor);

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Keystone International Inc. is the rightful owner of the Copyright Material*
including the name and logo. I wish to license from Keystone International Inc. usage of the Copyright Material with the view to reprint and present Copyright Material, including the name and logo to run FLOURISH Participant Life Skills Courses.

The Licensee (you) is granted a license for the following use*:
1. They will be given a two-year license after which they will be required to renew their License Agreement with the Licensor and participate in the specified FLOURISH Refresher Course.
2.Licensees will have permission to run FLOURISH Participant Courses with those they believe this program will benefit.
3. Licensees will have permission to print the books and journals as needed and translate the FLOURISH material into the language of their target audience.
4.Licensees will send regular reports back to their specified FLOURISH Coordinator who will then forward them to the FLOURISH Development & Management Team as well the copyright owners for the purpose of encouragement, feedback, and to share with the greater community of those running FLOURISH.

Additional terms of use*:
1. Keystone International Inc. retains all copyright and moral rights to the FLOURISH material (including any translated versions), name and logo.
2. Licensee may not transfer this license to other parties without written permission from Licensor.
3. Licensee agrees that altering the material, name and logo is prohibited without first receiving written permission from Licensor.
4. Licensee agrees not to alter, amend, change, or delete any of the material unless otherwise expressly authorised and permitted in writing by the licensor.
5.Keystone courses are not to be considered business opportunities; however, we recognise there are costs involved. We recommend you build in a reasonable margin to cover expenses when facilitating your courses.
6. Any disputes arising from the terms of this Agreement may be subjected to binding arbitration upon consent of both parties, with an arbitrator agreed on by both parties.

If you have agreed to the above licensing agreement, we welcome you as a FLOURISH Participant Course Facilitator. We are praying for you and cheering you on as you use this material to disciple the people around you.

The FLOURISH Development & Management Team