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True Beauty

In an interview taken with Lizzie Velasquez earlier this year, the question posed to her was:

“What Makes Someone Beautiful?” Her answer: “I think it’s important for women to be reminded that you don’t have to look like everybody else. It’s important to look like what your version of beautiful is,” Velasquez says. “To me, what makes someone beautiful is their character and their personality and how they treat other people and what their values are.”

I agree Lizzie. Good character of a person and how they treat people are the traits that shine the brightest when we think of ‘True Beauty’. We all know this right? However, to really live confidently, to be our own kind of beautiful, we have to believe it in our heart, and walk in that belief.

Brave Starts Here!

Putting Flourish Into Practice In China

Sheila, a participant who recently went through FLOURISH training shares her story:

“I recently went through the Flourish course with Robyn Maxwell and two of her assistants. I was very blessed by their patience and joy. They constantly made us feel very special. I loved all the activities we did throughout the course. I want to share one of the life changing rev*lations I have received and am putting into practice:

From “Titles and Chapters” I have learned to rewrite my future. It starts from now, current, of course. I used to be told by my family that I have nothing to say because I am the youngest. I can only listen but not give any feedback or speak up. Even after I became a Chr*stn, I would struggle with “Do I have anything good to say?” Now I remind myself that I have a voice and what I say matters. I am important. It helps me to lead better and if I have an idea, I am more confident to pursue it rather than just give it up or keep it to myself.”



Jane from the Philippines is about to embark on our FLOURISH training so I asked her what plans she had for her country.

Jane: “My initial plan is to run the program immediately when we arrive home from training. Evaluate then run again. We want to be able to have several experiences in running it ourselves before running a trainer’s training. Since we are the gateway to Mindanao, we also will be inviting leaders from neighboring cities to join the program.

Basically, we will not end in just running the program. We will be training trainers who will also train trainers. And I believe with the easy to pass on Flourish as well as Courageous Programs, we will be able to develop trainers all over the country and our head center for this will be in our city!”

Not a bad plan Jane. Look out Philippines!

Flourish’s fresh new look!

We are very excited to be launching the latest edition of our Flourish Guide and Journal. We have a fresh new look and a few updates for you.

What do you think? We love it! Thanks Bek for your design work! The dropbox link will be available for you to download very soon.

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