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We are very excited to launch FLOURISH CONNECTION. This is the very first edition of Flourish Connection where you will be able to keep up with all that is happening around the world on all things FLOURISH. As promised, we want to be true to our agreement with you and keep you informed of all that is happening with Flourish globally. What you will find in our Flourish Connection mail outs

  • Course Updates
  • New Ideas
  • News Stories
  • New places Flourish is running
  • Upcoming training


Elly writes:

“It is with full joy we inform you that we have begun to run two flourish courses.

One course is with Indonesian Moms in the community. We have 12 participants (28 – 45 years old). We are running the sessions in one of the participant’s apartment every Thursday. I am running it in the Indonesian language but the notes are in English as the participants can all speak English. Although I am teaching alone, I have Mary to assist me.

The second group is from a Girls dorm. We have 16 girls aged between 20 – 25 years old. We are running this course in our Ch* every Sunday from 6pm – 8pm. Mary & my self are running this group in the Khmay language.”

New Places

It is very exciting to announce that Flourish is now in 11 nations. We have Flourish trainers in Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, USA, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand & Australia.

Although Flourish is in it’s early days, (just launched in March this year) Flourish truly is doing just that, flourishing across the earth.


New Ideas

In our Course Updates we want to share any new ideas that we have come up with, as well as add any that you may have thought of which would benefit us all.

For this edition we want to share one small change we made in Session #5 ‘We are not the Same’.


Individual Activity on page 112 Option #1 Panel

We decided to make the whole experience for the guys a more casual event so they felt less intimidated. We decided to sit on the floor, (both the guys and girls), have snacks to share while asking the question as per session outline.


Paul – “I felt much more comfortable sitting on the floor, everyone together in a casual forum rather than at the front of the room being centre of attention.”

This could work easily as well by setting up your space in a lounge room style. Alternatively, you may have your own contextual idea.

We would love to get your feedback after you have run the Panel, should you choose to use this activity.

Up coming Training

Where: AOGWR Ministry & Operations Centre, Da Nang, Vietnam
When: Monday 22 – Thursday 25 February, 2016
Cost: US 50 which includes Course material, licensing and refreshments

Flourish Team

We the Flourish Management team are here for you so feel free to contact us anytime

Flourish email address: flourish@aogwr.org


NOTE: All stories and photos are used with permission